POSTHORAX® - Chestfix

Thorax Stabilization after Thoracic Surgery / TAVI
Pain reduction, Minithoracotomies

Postoperative Rehabilitation:
Intensive Care / Hospital Ward / Patient's Home

Single patient product
Disposable - not washable!
Made in Austria.

This unique special product is made from breathable micro fabric and optimises the surface tension around wounds caused by operations (thoracotomy / lobectomy / TAVI ) or injuries (fractured / bruised ribs).

The fabric acts as a smart extra layer of skin.

When? As soon as possible after surgery
Why? For pain reduction and respiratory function conservation

Chestfix is an excellent tool in the field of pain therapy as the amount of pain medication administered is significantly reduced, or, ideally, can be replaced completely.

Article No. Item Chest size Description
40.0201 POSTHORAX® Chestfix Universal Thoracic Elastic Tape for Ladies and Gentlemen



Thoracic Elastic Tape following Thoracic Surgery / TAVI
Pain reduction / Respiratory Function Conservation
Chest Stabilization / Faster Mobilization

SINGLE PATIENT PRODUCT (EU Medical Devices Directive 2017/745)
Disposable - not washable.

Unisex / Suitable for men and women
Customizable for every shape
Use: ICU / Ward / Home

Made from Leukotape® K and Fixomull® stretch
Breathable material, antiperspirant, water resistant

1 piece per unit

5-7 business days